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from Austin

User Profile
Gonadious Scrotious!
Raise a Toast to my bother from another mother! Rest In Peace, Butch!
May you and Tab drum together in heaven,and create some mighty thunder!
24.6.2010 00:56

User Profile
when will Mark May and
Miss Molly play together again.

If you know where I can see MIss Molly perform, please let me know..
21.4.2010 23:00
from Houston

User Profile
Wow, you guys were awesome last Friday night!!!!!
17.3.2010 14:53
from Houston

User Profile
Can't wait to see you guys at Head & Tails tomorrow night!
11.3.2010 17:39
from Internet

User Profile
Greetings and awesome music!
7.3.2010 16:08

User Profile
Haven't seen you guys play in about 9 years. Guess you never make it to Wa. State Saw you this past Friday,loved it. Love the CD. Also enjoyed hearing a Susan Tedeschi song. Hope to see y'all again soon.
8.2.2010 02:59

User Profile
did somebody say new cd??? HOTDAMN! xoxoxox Kevin and Ca
21.1.2010 22:56
from tx

User Profile
You guys were so amazing last night!
I haven't heard you in a while and forgot how truly wonderfully awesome you are.
Thanks for making me very happy!!
Hey, and LOVE the new CD too!
...sorta like havin you in the lvn rm.
7.12.2009 16:45

User Profile
Hey Mark,,,hello from Alexandria.....I was a few years behind you in school. A few of us Alex girls will be coming down to Galveston in May. Would like to come and see your show. Will be looking forward to seeing you play again. Hope to see you then!
14.11.2009 21:15

User Profile
Hey Mark,
I listened to the new cd. Very nice. I love listening to you play and sing. You are truly a great musician. And you have a great supporting cast as well, Paul, Dan and Clyde are extremely talented.
9.11.2009 18:36
from Central US

User Profile
Hi Mark:
Just saw your you tube post that your brother put on, and I made a comment on it - but thought I would re-post it here. You and I met a few years back at the Texas Guitar Show. I had a booth there, and I was trying to "drum up some business", so I started playing "Back in the Joint"in my booth and as I peeked over my shoulder, you were watching me play your song! Needless to say, I was quite surprised, and you were very nice and complimentary of my playing. I still remember that - it was quite a compliment. If you ever want to make a trip to Des Moines, I'd love to get re-aquainted! Take care!
2.11.2009 02:19

User Profile
Hi, Mark and Band:
Congratulations to you and the band:
Mark May & The Agitators upon being
featured as Band of the Week on recently.
The band will remain as one of the featured bands and can be seen and heard on the featured band page.
Best Regards, Betty & Ed
Betty Passini
17.8.2009 17:19

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