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Clyde Dempsey

Clyde first achieved infamy with a Houston based comedy/musical act called The Gonads (later renamed The ‘Nadz for obvious reasons). He later worked with other local bands before moving to London in 1987. It was here that he married and enjoyed a successful and diverse musical career. In addition to a substantial amount of session work, radio shows and television appearances, he recorded and toured with a number of international acts including The Damned, The Phantom Chords, Marc Almond (Soft Cell) and The CIA (consisting of members of The Kinks, UFO, Eddie & The Hot Rods and Dr. Feelgood). He also took some time out to work on his own projects, most notably Lodestone Kick, a London based rock band. It was while collaborating with this group of musicians that Clyde was able to fully utilize his song writing skills and together they released two CDs.

Clyde returned to the US in 1994 but continued with his UK projects, commuting between the two countries for a few years. Before joining Mark in 1998 he played with respected Blues act Luther and The Healers and the notorious Miss Molly and The Whips.

In his spare time, Clyde works on his solo project and is currently in the process of making a CD.

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Music Industry News Network

Mark May & the Agitators announce that after a successful year touring and recording with the Dickey Betts Band, Mark has opted to focus his career on Mark May & the Agitators. Original Agitator guitarist Kirk McKim has also rejoined the band.

According to Mark, "I want to offer special thanks to Dickey Betts for the opportunity to play together and learn from him, as well as his help getting my career started. Rita and I also want to thank Donna Betts for everything. She’s a very gracious lady."

Mark wishes all the best to one of his good friends & mentors, “Dangerous”
Dan Toler, who is joining the Dickey Betts Band. “I hope Dan has as much fun and enrichment playing with Dickey, David Stoltz, Mark Greenberg, Matt Zeiner, Kris Jensen and Frankie Lombardi as I did. They are cream of the crop musicians.”

He also extends thanks to Bud Snyder, Tanner, Race Car, Bill Hardaway, and Carlos Rodriguez; “We are friends and family always!”

Mark May & the Agitators – Mark May, guitar, vocals; Kirk McKim, guitar, vocals; Dan Cooper, bass; and Greg Grubbs, drums - will release a new CD and tour in 2002. The CD includes “Place Your Betts”, a tribute to Dickey, as well as Dickey Betts playing funk and blues on 2 tracks.

Thanks to all the fans for their support. Hope to see you out at a Mark May & the Agitators show!

Posted by Lana on May 02, 2002 - 05:47 PM (20515 Reads)
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